Recent posts at - Classic - Update

A few months back, I reorganized how I got information to you, the reader. I split the site in two, with getting more model specific information, while the older site, - Classic, kept the old posts as well as new posts of more general auto news and info.

These are the most recent posts to - Classic:

Ford wants personalization to come into Focus (see photo right) - A brief post on Ford's new graphics available for the 2012 Focus and other Ford models like Mustang, F-150, Transit Connect, etc.

Used Volt batteries to get a second life - information about how EV and hybrid batteries may be used at the end of their automotive lives.

Chevy Volt's numbers are in - The Volt Hybrid/EV's new window sticker is shown.

Nissan Leaf EPA-rated at 99 mpg - The Nissan Leaf's window sticker shown with a brief explanation showing how to compare EVs, hybrids, and regular gasoline-fueled vehicles.

Customer treatment more important than price according to recent poll - Self explanatory with J. D. Power info and graphs.

Two posts of possible interest were just added:

Watch Martha Stewart and BMW build an X3 - Stewart configures and then watches as her personal SAV is built.

TV Talk - Unique Motorsports: Miami inquiry - Has anyone seen this show?

Sources: Various, see post