Renault R-Space Concept hauls...stuff and individuals

What you see hear is one clever concept that Renault debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. Sort of a mini minivan or people and stuff hauler, the R-Space has "space for every individual." It is cleverly styled and has loads of unique features. Will we see them, some yes. Others probably not, but you never know the way technology and design are reaching further into what was once considered a dream world. The block theme carried throughout the vehicle is interesting and I like the effect the random blocks have on the glass roof panel. The tube lights in the lower front, side, and rear fascia are nice also. The door design would make the R-Space easy to get you and your stuff in and out of the vehicle. The floating blocks in the rear are probably not safety-reg approved, but it is a clever flight of fancy (watch the interior video to see what I mean). I like the front bench seat (below) where the driver's seat appears to have it's "arm" around the passenger and the video screens are well designed into the dash and the headrests.

All in all, this concept shows what makes going to car shows fun and how automakers can let their engineers, designers, and stylists loose to come up with something unique. We may see some of this out on the road and even if Renault never re-enters the US market, some of these design elements may trickle over into Renault-partner Nissan's vehicles. The R-Space has a turbocharged three-cylinder engine that produces 110 hp and utilizes a dual-clutch automanual transmission. It takes just under 11 seconds to hit 60, so you won't have to worry about burning rubber, but you will get great fuel economy.

Source: Renault - Press Release, tech data, and additional pics (4) after the jump. Video post.

Press Release:
R-SPACE: space for every individual

The brief given to the designers was to come up with a simple, sensuous and welcoming family vehicle to express Renault’s new design philosophy in the MPV segment. To achieve this, the designers combined sensuality with a single-volume architecture.

The result is a compact people carrier measuring 4.25 metres in length, and with a silhouette that is flowing, powerful and sporting.

With a silhouette that is both sporting and sculptural, R-Space proves that a people carrier can be sexy. An innovative interior design makes it an MPV that caters for each of its occupants.

R-Space is powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder, 110 hp, 900cc petrol engine mated to an Efficient Dual Clutch transmission (EDC). This engine previews the new range of modular TCe engines, Energy TCe, which Renault will begin launching next year.

Technical data
Ground clearance151mm
Front track1,592mm
Rear track1,592mm
Technical data
EnginePetrol, turbo, direct injection
Power80kW (110hp)
CO2 emissions95g/km (combined cycle)
Peak torque160Nm
Top speed200kph
TransmissionEfficient Dual Clutch
Tyres245 / 35 R 21
Unladen weight1,300kg
0-100kph acceleration 11 seconds
1,000-metre standing start32 seconds