The latest DS: the Citroën Wild Rubis concept

What we have here is another one of those vehicles for the CWWGH (cars we won't get here) files, the Citroën Wild Rubis concept. The Wild Rubis is considered an extension of Citroën's popular DS range of vehicles. The ruby red concept (hence the name) is a hybrid-powered crossover/SUV with a 1.6-liter gas-fueled engine and a total system power rating of almost 300 horsepower. Expect good performance and efficiency along with French luxury and the latest tech like the moveable full-LED front lighting modules. No interior shots or details were available at the time this was published, so stay tuned. I hope this attractive vehicle makes it to the road. Too bad we won't see it (except at auto shows) in the US. Check out the two press releases, specs., and video after the jump.

Source: Citroën - Press releases and video after the jump.

Press Release:
Wild Rubis: A Jewel of a DS

Today sees the unveiling of the DS Wild Rubis concept car, just a few days before the Shanghai Motor Show, where it will go on display, and after a discreet first appearance in France at the Cheval Blanc chateau, one of the most prestigious wine-growing estates in Saint-Emilion, and on the wild and scenic roads of the Tarn region, near the spectacular Millau viaduct, where the car was photographed and filmed.

Wild Rubis is the latest expression of the DS line, joining the DS3, DS4, DS5 and the Numéro 9 concept car. It sublimates the genes of the DS line, with its unique and inimitable style, sparking our imagination and our emotions, with a touch of sophistication and an exceptional finish. The Wild Rubis concept car is the forerunner of the future DS SUV.

This unique and captivating take on the SUV is a subtle combination of power and refinement. A strong and bold statement, this latest chapter in the story of the DS line, is as wild and rebellious, as it is refined and sophisticated. A real jewel with a hypnotic stare. Designed to be driven by the full-hybrid, plug-in technology, the Wild Rubis concept car is packed with technological innovations that will be on show in Shanghai.


Designed in Paris, the world's fashion and jewellery capital, the Wild Rubis concept car a new expression of DS line. Its unique profile combines the powerful lines of an SUV with the refined codes of the DS line.

Measuring 4.7m in length, 1.95m in width and 1.59m in height, the Brand's latest creation boasts an exceptionally long wheelbase of 2.9m. Impressive dimensions, conveying power and strength, inviting onlookers to step inside and meeting the needs of executive customers looking for a feature-rich and versatile vehicle. Sitting on its four 21" wheels, the DS Wild Rubis promises remarkable emotions at the wheel.

Wild and rebellious, yet refined and sophisticated. Its power is offset by the shapely profile and attractive details. The thoroughbred silhouette is decorated with a unique chrome signature on the side. The roof bars accentuate the impression of height, while hinting at a sense of power and drive, before blending into the bodywork and flow of the profile of the rear wing.


Wild Rubis is a subliminal expression of the new front-end identity inaugurated by the Numéro 9 concept car. The front of the car is characterised by the three-dimensional relief of the radiator grille, decorated with a DS emblem that is underlined by a shaft of light.

The grille then flows into the unique full-LED headlights, made up of three mobile lighting modules, surrounded by scrolling indicator lights at the base and a tuning fork-shaped light signature on the edge. A real jewel that gives the Wild Rubis a bold, hypnotic and unique stare.


The new arrangement of the lights at the rear appears to be part of the raised tailgate. Just like a jewel, the glass of the rear lights is encased in chrome, further enhancing the light signature. The sense of perfection is heightened by the subtle lighting effect on the DS emblem, creating an impression of depth. The foot of the sculptural rear tailgate is highlighted by the chrome finish, incorporating the twin exhaust pipes.


Every detail has been addressed with the utmost care, making the Wild Rubis concept car a worthy heir to the 1955 DS that embodies all the refinement of the DS line in style. All the distinctive traits of the DS line are concentrated in this concept car. The most expressive include the side chrome signature, the multitude of sculptured details in the metal, the front and rear light signature and the finish of the noble materials, such as the guilloche pattern on the hub caps. The finely etched DS pattern fades away in the centre of the wheel, allowing the textured paint to stand out in all its splendour. And like a jewel in its case, the rear lights are decorated with a chrome DS emblem, embedded in the black, stamped DS pattern. A finish that was inaugurated by the DS3 Cabrio.

The hues and materials of the Wild Rubis concept car give it a wild yet sophisticated look. The colour of the ruby red bodywork changes with the intensity of the light, emphasising or attenuating its sculptural shapes. A rich tone that completes the chromatic selection of deep and emblematic DS colours.


Length: 4.70m
Width: 1.95m
Height: 1.59m
Wheelbase: 2.9m

Running gear
255/40 R21 tyres

Press Release:

The DS Wild Rubis concept car was unveiled this weekend atthe Shanghai Motor Show. Designed in the  marvellous and universal city of Paris, the world's capital of fashion and jewellery, the Wild Rubis concept car is the latest expression of the DS line. A vehicle of powerful and sophisticated styling, packed with technology, it allies attractive design with unique sensations at the wheel. A vehicle with a life-like hypnotic gaze, it features full-hybrid plug-in technology delivering unparalleled performance: 50km range, 295 bhp with the boost and 43g/km of CO2.


The Wild Rubis concept car is fitted with ground-breaking full-LED headlights, made up of three mobile lighting modules, surrounded by scrolling indicator lights at the base and a diapason-shaped light signature on the edge. A real jewel that gives Wild Rubis a bold, unique and high-tech gaze. And the hypnotic gaze of Wild Rubis comes to life as if by magic. Every time the concept car starts up, the three lighting modules in the headlights and the special sound effects combine to create a unique experience.

To stimulate the imagination still further, Wild Rubis makes a whispering sound. Crystal-like sounds have been specially developed to magnify the various lighting configurations (headlights, indicators, etc.), while the movement of the three lighting modules is accompanied by a mecatronic sound effect. Effective, high-tech sounds that highlight the advanced technology of the Wild Rubis concept car.


The full-hybrid plug-in technology of the Wild Rubis concept car is perfectly in line with the Brand's environmental strategy. The drivetrain comprises a 225 bhp (165 kW) 1.6-litre THP petrol internal combustion engine. This is the engine that won the prestigious prize for the "international engine of the year", awarded by a jury of 65 international motoring journalists. The 1.6 THP internal combustion engine is combined with a 70 hp electric motor positioned on the rear axle, powered by lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged from a domestic socket.

With its plug-in hybrid drive train, Wild Rubis can also run in full-electric mode, with zero emissions, over a range of 50km. For driving pleasure that remains just as intense. When the driver presses the accelerator pedal hard in order to have more torque immediately, the boost function combines the torque of the internal combustion engine with that of the electric motor, allowing the Wild Rubis concept car to reach exceptional levels of performance (295hp), without compromising fuel consumption (43g/km of CO2).

This technology is a perfect fit for Wild Rubis' wild side. When accelerating sharply, or when grip is poor, the vehicle switches to 4WD mode, in which the electric motor drives the rear wheels and the internal combustion engine drives the front wheels. And when driving in particularly difficult conditions, for example uphill in snow, the driver can select forced 4WD mode. Activating the 4WD mode increases grip, while making full and safe use of the full potential of Wild Rubis.

Length: 4.70 m
Width: 1.95 m
Height: 1.59 m
Wheelbase: 2.9 m

Hybrid plug-in drivetrain
1.6-litre THP petrol engine: 225hp (165kW)
Electric motor on the rear axle: 70hp
ZEV mode: Range of 50km
CO2 emissions: 43g/km

Running gear
255/40 R21 tyres

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