ACWWG: Volkswagen Scirocco Million

Another one for the Another Car We Won't Get (ACWWG) here files. Volkswagen recently hit a milestone with its Scirocco sport hatch. Volkswagen has produced one million of the hot hatches since the original debuted in 1974 (the Scirocco was not built from 1992 to 2007). To celebrate the event, VW is releasing a special edition Scirocco Million that will be sold in Germany and China. The concept shown here is correct except for the color (the concept is wearing Wörthersee GTI white where it debuted), with Scirocco Millions available only in "Onyz Black" with "Galvanic Grey" accents. The other standard exterior features include R-Line bumpers, R-Line side sills, smoked tail lights, and “Million” stickers on the wings and rear windows (wheels vary by market). The interior shown is correct with its standard leather seating (type “Vienna” in black) with contrasting seams and stitching in “Snap Orange.”The Scirocco Million will be available with three gas and two diesel engines and a dual-clutch automanual is optional (manual transmissions standard). The Scirocco is not sold in the US, due to the fact that the Scirocco would compete with the GTI, with exchange rates it would be very expensive, and the Hot Hatch market is just starting to grow in the US. I think VW should build the Scirocco here with the Golf and export it around the world picking up a few extra bucks and making US customers happy. It certainly is a great-looking car. Let VW know if you'd like to see it here in the US.

Source: Volkswagen - Press release after the jump.

Press Release:
Wörthersee 2013 - Scirocco Million

Volkswagen celebrates the one millionth Scirocco:
New Scirocco Million debuts with exclusive equipment!
  • Scirocco Million with leather seats and 18-inch wheels as standard
  • Scirocco Million on offer in Germany at prices from 27,325 euros
At the GTI meeting at Wörthersee, Volkswagen will set off a veritable firework of sporty new models. The “Design Vision GTI” will be this year's highlight – an unmatched 370 kW / 503 PS Golf concept car for the race track. In tandem with it, Volkswagen will present a whole range of other innovations. They include – alongside the new Golf GTI, the future Golf GTD or the Golf Estate Concept R-Line – the concept car Scirocco Million to be unveiled in a world premiere. With this exclusive special model, Volkswagen celebrates the fact that the Scirocco has broken through the magical sound barrier for a sports car of one million built vehicles in 2013. Against this backdrop, the original Scirocco will naturally be in on it in Reifnitz as well.

Scirocco Million
Like the Golf GTI, the Scirocco is a sporty icon. The first generation of the Coupé was launched in 1974. Seven years later, in 1981, the second generation of the Scirocco took off. It was built up to 1992. A total of 795,650 vehicles of the Scirocco I and II were built – a truly sporty world success. The comeback of the sports car came with the Scirocco III in 2008. The third generation is developing into a success model, too: Inside of just under five years, more than 204,350 fans the world over have opted for a new Scirocco – if we add generations I, II and III, we arrive at the one million vehicle mark we just mentioned. Volkswagen is celebrating this with a special edition: the Scirocco Million.

The special model is on offer exclusively in Germany and China. The production of the special series will be started as early as the end of May.

Million exterior. The Scirocco Million, painted exclusively in “Deep Black Metallic” (Wörthersee concept car: “Oryx White”) can be recognised at first glance by its sporty accent strip (in the middle of the body), the exterior rear mirror caps painted in “Galvanic Grey” and its “Interlagos” 18-inch alloy wheels with 235/40 tyres that are also standard (China: “Spa” 17-inch wheels). The alloy wheels are delivered in combination with a tyre pressure control display. 19-inch alloy wheels of the “Lugano” type that are painted silver are also optionally available.

The other standard exterior customisation features include R-Line bumpers, R-Line side sills, smoked tail lights, “Million” stickers on the wings and rear windows that are 90% smoked (China: 65 per cent).

Million interior. In the interior, the special model features, among other things, a standard leather seating (type “Vienna” in black) with contrasting seams in “Snap Orange.” In sync with that: the black roof liner and the leather cover of the parking brake lever and gear lever gaiter (also with seams in “Snap Orange”).

Floor mats with colour-contrasting chain-stitch seams, stainless steel pedals, entry plates with “Million” lettering and the accent strips made of brushed aluminium are likewise standard on board. The RCD 310 audio system provides the right sound and up-to-date information.

Million engines. The Scirocco Million can be ordered with three different petrol engines (TSI) and two diesel engines (TDI). The TSI have output ratings of 90 kW / 122 PS, 118 kW / 160 PS and 155 kW / 210 PS; the TDIs develop 103 kW / 140 PS and 130 kW / 177 PS. With the exception of the 122 PS TSI, all engines can be combined with a dual clutch gearbox (DSG). The base price of the Scirocco Million will be 27,325 euros in Germany.

TDI, TSI, DSG and Twincharger are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG or other companies of the Volkswagen Group in Germany and other countries.
All features, data and prices apply to models offered in Germany. They may differ in other countries. All fuel economy and CO2 data for the new vehicles are estimated values as of April 2013.