ACWWG: New Vauxhall Vivaro utility van

Okay, this isn't a car so it's really not a candidate for the Another Car We Won't Get files, but it is interesting. GM just released this van on an unsuspecting Europe through Opel and Vauxhall dealers. The van is made in cooperation with Renault and features two diesel engines (both turbocharged) for improved fuel efficiency and low emissions. It is an interesting design borrowing styling cues from GM's Euro cars. The sculpting in the side view is especially nice and makes this van stand out from the crowd of flat flank vans. The main reason I include this post is to raise the question, if GM can create and build a vehicle this distinctive in Europe, why does the US market get a warmed over Nissan badged as a Chevrolet? To hard to re-engineer? Good questions. We shall see what the future holds... Check out the Renault Traffic version with press release and pics after the jump.

Source: Vauxhall - Press release after the "read more" jump.

Press Release:

  • Award-winning Vauxhall sculptural design language introduced in van class
  • Improved cargo/occupant space reinforces Vivaro’s popularity
  • Advanced BiTurbo diesels ensure top performance with low fuel consumption
The new Vauxhall Vivaro combines the functionality of a light commercial vehicle with the comfort and design flair of a passenger car. Coming to market this summer, the second generation of Vauxhall’s best-seller delivers an impressive ‘wow’ factor by bringing Vauxhall’s award-winning ‘sculptural artistry meets technical precision’ design philosophy to the light commercial vehicle segment for the first time.

Complementing its new, eye-catching looks are state-of-the-art technologies and many practical, innovative features, both under the bonnet – diesel engines ensure strong pulling power with advanced BiTurbo propulsion – and in the cabin, making the Vivaro an extremely attractive competitor in this key vehicle class.

Approximately 500,000 vehicles are sold annually in West and Central Europe in this segment, with the Vivaro accounting for nearly ten per cent of this total.

“The second generation Vauxhall Vivaro distinguishes itself with its superb practicality and quality. After 13 successful years on the market, we wanted to make the new Vivaro’s packaging even more attractive while raising the standard of its core capabilities,” says Mark Adams, Vauxhall Design Vice President. “The new Vivaro showcases Sculptural Artistry and technical precision with sweeping sculptural design accents, bold proportions and premium accents. This gives it a sharpened and more refined character, making it the ideal mobile business card.”

Simply unmistakable: New Vauxhall Vivaro is robust yet elegant
The new Vauxhall Vivaro’s exterior is now even more elegant and modern. With a large, prominent grille, distinctive headlamps and the flowing blade side feature from Vauxhall’s multi-award-winning design language, it includes the characteristic forms of the brand’s passenger car models.

The headlamps are executed in high-gloss black mouldings with embedded chrome accents that enhance their jewel-like effect. The daytime running lights come with signature Vauxhall wing graphic design and modern, crisp LED technology, giving the Vivaro an unmistakable look. In all its elegance, with its wide face and clean, practical rear, the Vivaro clearly communicates the robustness that customers demand from the van during its everyday use. Its side design brings sculptural artistry to the van segment, with the signature Vauxhall blade feature flowing from under the side mirrors back to the rear wheel-arches in the same style found on the Insignia family and Astra GTC models.

Depending on how the new Vivaro is to be used – as a robust van or a comfortable large-capacity combi – customers can choose between two body design trim levels.

The Vivaro variant (first trim level) is strong and practical with the front bumper, grille, side mirror housings and the vertical rear mouldings presented in a durable, black textured plastic material. For the Sportive trim level all body elements including the front bumper, side mouldings, vertical rear bumper corners and the side mirrors are painted in the vehicle’s body colour and the grille has chrome accents.

The new Vivaro colour palette comprises eleven standard colours, with five solid and six two-coat metallic finishes. Right from market launch, further specific colours will be available for special-use vehicles. So customers can order their new Vivaro in the perfect outfit for every business and commercial need.

Four-way practicality: Vivaro with two lengths, two roof heights and even more room
The versatile Vivaro is the right vehicle for almost every customer need. The new edition continues the successful concept of diverse variants and is available in various configurations in two overall lengths and two heights as a panel van, Combi and double cab. In fact, the new Vivaro is now even more suitable for transport needs than its predecessor, because in both lengths – 4,998 and 5,398 mm – it is 216 mm longer, for cargo and occupants.

Two diesels: Newest turbo technology for the Vivaro
The new Vivaro is an all-round, heavy-duty workhorse thanks to its modern powertrain technology. It comes with two all-new turbo diesel engines: a 1.6 CDTi, as well as an advanced 1.6 BiTurbo CDTi with sequential turbocharging and a twin-cooler system. Powered by two turbochargers working together, this engine combines excellent performance with high fuel economy. Combined cycle fuel consumption of 47mpg (preliminary data) with the new turbo diesel units is considerably improved. This gives the new edition of Vauxhall’s successful all-rounder top value in its vehicle class.

All the new Vauxhall Vivaro’s standard roof variants are built at the Luton plant in England. Different versions of Vauxhall/Opel’s LCV bestseller developed together with Renault, have been rolling off the assembly line there since 2001. To date, over 900,000 units have been produced. In 2009, a vehicle conversion centre for specialist variants, such as platform cabs, was also opened at the plant, which will further expand its manufacturing activities with the new generation Vivaro. This will enable ex-works delivery of the new Vivaro in many conversions, enlarging the field of Vivaro capabilities for very specific professional uses. Of course, all vehicle modifications meet stringent Vauxhall quality standards.

Further information on the new Vauxhall Vivaro’s state-of-the-art technologies, flexible interior configurations will follow shortly.

Press Release:

  • This summer will see Renault unveil its Trafic range as it perpetuates the success story of one of its most popular models, with 1.6 million sales since 1980
  • This practical and economical ‘Van à Vivre’ will sport a new look both inside and out, while benefitting from clever smart innovations to facilitate the lives of business customers, as well as a new range of responsive engines
  • The vehicle will be available with a new Renault-developed 1.6 dCi powerplant, including a twin-turbocharged version that boasts fuel consumption in excess of 47 mpg
  • New Trafic is now built at the Sandouville factory, enabling Renault to rely upon no fewer than three production plants in France to manufacture the entirety of its European market-leading range
  • Launched in 1980 to replace the equally illustrious Estafette, Renault Trafic has already achieved more than 1.6 million sales around the world. Moreover, in 2014, the Trafic story will continue with the third generation of the iconic vehicle debuting in some 50 countries globally.
All-New Trafic comes with a completely new exterior design. The front incorporates the bigger, more upright logo that is emblematic of Renault’s new brand identity. Its stance is forceful and dynamic, while its wide, slender headlights give it an expressive look, and the more sloping windscreen results in a clear division with the bonnet. A wide and assertive air intake and a body-coloured trim strip between the two grilles produce a lighter feel. Sharper lines make the vehicle’s silhouette more dynamic than before, whilst the sturdiness that Trafic customers have come to expect have been retained courtesy of a protective, wrap-around front bumper.

With All-New Trafic, Renault has capitalised upon its wealth of experience in the LCV segment to offer a genuine user-friendly van that is modern and comfortable, responding ever-more closely to the needs of customers and actively contributing to the success of their business.

All-New Trafic can be customised as required thanks to the outstanding diversity of its range which features 270 variants, two different heights, two different lengths, panel van, crew-van, platform cab and passenger versions, not to mention the solutions produced by our approved converters and Renault Tech.

All-New Trafic is both flexible and economical thanks to its new range of downsized, turbocharged engines. They are based upon the latest-generation, Renault-developed 1.6 dCi unit (R9M) and feature advanced technology to combine welcome fuel consumption savings with real driving enjoyment. This range is available in two versions: a single variable geometry turbo which yields 15% better fuel economy and the Twin-Turbo version, the fuel economy of which exceeds 47 mpg*. These engines offer brisk pick-up and greater low-end torque for responsive acceleration, even when the vehicle is fully loaded.

All-New Trafic was developed by Renault’s expert LCV engineers to be reliable and robust. It benefits from the knowledge and expertise of some 1,800 men and women at the Sandouville factory, which has hitherto focused on high-end passenger cars. To relocate the van’s production to France, the factory underwent significant transformation work thanks to an investment of more than €230 million.

The Renault brand, Europe’s number one LCV maker since 1998, consequently boasts a particularly competitive production set-up, with three factories in France that are responsible for assembling all the vehicles in its range, namely Kangoo at MCA (Maubeuge), Master at SOVAB (Batilly) and All-New Trafic now at Sandouville.