Caterham to bring two new sportscars to the US - w/video

Caterham has been selling the Seven series of sports cars for many decades to happy European and (mostly) UK customers. This back-to-basics sports car was originally designed by Lotus. The Seven takes the sports car chassis and mates it to a barely-there body with a readily-available engine to provide motorists with outstanding performance, good economy, reliability, and broad smiles. And Caterham is bringing two new roadsters to the US, the Seven 360 and 480. The cars feature Ford 2.0-liter engines that provide 180 HP (Seven 360) or 237 hp (Seven 480). The Seven 360 will hit 60 mph in under five seconds, while the 480 takes just under 3.5 seconds to hit the same velocity. Quick indeed... the cars also handle as if on rails (see UK autoshow video after the jump). Since January 2014, the Caterham Cars range has officially been on sale in the USA through its distributor, Superformance ( Sevens are shipped to the USA in part-built form and sold as rolling chassis via Superformance’s nationwide dealer network. The Seven 360 and 480 were developed especially for the US market (I have included a release for the UK Roadsport 175 which seems closest to US spec cars) and they will set you back $44,900 for the Seven 360 and $52,900 for the 480. Not a lot of bucks for wind-in-your-hair and bugs-in-your-teeth sports car motoring. Visit their website (at the link below) to find a dealer close to you. Enjoy!

Source: Caterham - Press releases after the "read more" jump.

Press Release:
British sportscar maker Caterham Cars has revealed two exciting new variants of its iconic Seven for the US market at Monterey Car Week – the Seven 480 and 360.

Increased American interest in the legendary British sportscar has sparked the launch of the two new models, which have been developed especially for the US market and will go on sale immediately.

Since January 2014, the Caterham Cars range has officially been on sale in the USA through its distributor, Superformance (

Sevens are shipped to the USA in part-built form and sold as rolling chassis via Superformance’s nationwide dealer network for customers to then complete personally.

The Caterham Seven was first created in England over 40 years ago and is now one of the most recognisable British sportscars. The Seven is famed for its distinctive, classic styling, lightweight structure and legendary performance and handling.

Both the new Seven 480 and Seven 360 models are powered by a two-litre Ford Duratec engine, with the 480 variant benefitting from slightly more power. The Seven 480 reaches 0-62 MPH is just 3.4 seconds with 237BHP and a top speed of 140 MPH.

Meanwhile, the slightly lower-powered Seven 360 reaches 0-62 MPH in an impressive 4.9 seconds with 180 BHP and a top speed of 130 MPH.

Prices start at $44,900 for the Seven 360 and $52,900 for the Seven 480. For more information on Caterham in the USA, please visit our US website here.

UK Press Info:
Roadsport 175

The Caterham Seven Roadsport is the lightweight sportscar for all conditions. Combining high performance on the road with the practicality of weather protection, as well as the ability to excel on track that is inherent in all Sevens. This is the Caterham that will do it all.

Coming as standard with 14" alloy wheels, 5-speed gearbox, heater, full windscreen, weather equipment and a carpeted interior, the Roadsport is ready to take on any adventurous road trip or B-road blast. A large range of upgrades and optional extras are also available should you wish to add even more performance to your Seven. The Roadsport 175 model builds on the solid foundations of the Roadsport 125 and 140, and features a larger capacity 2.0l engine. Along with increased power and the obvious performance advantages, this engine gives the Roadsport a slightly different broad-chested character thanks to its high torque output. The Roadsport 175 possesses an unusual split-personality; economical and relaxed high speed cruising one minute and instant, hard edged acceleration and supercar humbling performance the next.

So whether it's a Sunday afternoon drive to a country pub, a European road trip or another lap of the Nurburgring, a Caterham Seven Roadsport will give you the driving experience you've always wanted.

The Roadsport 175 is supplied as standard in component form for self assembly, complete to your chosen specification with all the parts you'll need to get your car on the road. It'll come with a first fill pack with all the necessary fluids required to complete your car, so all you'll need in addition to this are some basic tools, a little patience and a splash of fuel! Average build time for a novice is between 60 – 70 hours, with our team at Caterham already putting 20 hours of build work into the car before you receive it. Further more, our technical advice line and detailed build manual ensures the process is stress free and enjoyable. Building a Seven is a unique, exciting and rewarding experience, but if you don't have the time or space you also have the option to have your car factory built.

The Roadsport is available with both the standard chassis and the wide-bodied 'SV' chassis. The standard chassis offers the compact lightweight dimensions that have made the Seven a legend in its 50 year history.

The SV chassis gives increased interior and luggage space due to the greater width and length of the car, making it suited for extended touring or for customers over 6'2" in height. The SV also benefits from the additional stability offered by wide-track front suspension and increased range from a larger fuel tank, with only a 25kg weight penalty over the standard chassis.

0-60 MPH
175 BHP

2.0-litre Ford Duratec
5 Speed gearbox
14" alloy wheels
De-Dion rear suspension
Full windscreen and weather equipment
Carpeted interior

SV (wide body) chassis
Lowered floors (driver and passenger)
6-speed gearbox
Limited Slip Differential
Ventilated front discs and quad piston callipers
High performance alloy wheels and tyres
High performance suspension package
Leather adjustable seats
Race 4 point harnesses
Momo Q/R steering wheel

Caterham Seven Roadsport 175
Engine: 2.0 litre Ford Duratec
Max Power (bhp/rpm): 175 @ 7,000 rpm
Max Torque (lbs ft/rpm): 139 @ 6,000 rpm
Weight: 550 kg
0-60 mph: 4.8 seconds
Power-to-weight: 318 bhp-per-tonne
Top speed: 138 mph


As standard all Caterhams are supplied unpainted in alumininum finish with coloured fibre glass wings and nose. For an additional fee your Caterham can be painted in one of our standard finishes or request in any colour you wish.

Vehicles shown may include optional extras that are not included in the standard specification.