Did You See these? - 9/30/14 Edition

Listed below are some favorite and/or unique posts. Click on the title for more...Enjoy!

Land Rover replaces the LR2 with the all-new Discovery Sport - w/video and update

Land Rover has redesigned their Range Rover series of premium luxury sport utility vehicles and now it is Land Rover's turn. What you see here is the Range Rover Evoque's cousin, the Discovery Sport that is said to replace the entry-level LR2. Entry level indeed! The family

ACWWG: Ford showcases new S-Max ahead of Paris Motor Show

Yup, here's Another Car We Won't Get (ACWWG), the newly updated Ford S-Max people mover. The S-Max is a people and stuff mover one size larger than the C-Max we get here in the US (which is also

Kia brings the new high-voltage Soul EV to market with a low-wattage price - w/video

Kia's Soul compact is uniquely suited for EV (electric vehicle) duty. The Soul's high-style quotient and award-winning marketing are a perfect fit for a (for now) unique vehicle. Yes, Monica, the EVs are coming and not going away and this is a cute one. Okay, the wheels are a little small, but other than that,

Bentley unleashes new Mulsanne Speed model torque monster

When Bentley adds a performance "Speed" edition to their line-up, they mean it. Speed that is and the ultra-luxury Mulsanne is the latest to get the Speed treatment. The 6.75-liter

Toyota gives a glimpse of a possible future with the Urban Utility Concept Car - w/video

Toyota's Calty Design group has put together a concept that attempts to preview the vehicle of the urban future, the Urban Utility (U2 or U Squared) Concept. The vehicle was designed for Maker Media's Faire

Mercedes Benz and AMG announce new GT and GT S hi-per sports cars - w/video

This new Mercedes/AMG sports car is a sort of follow-up to the SLS AMG supercar, but with a few changes. Firstly, the new AMG GT and GT S are expected to compete more closely with the Porsche 911 in both price and performance. The styling

Volkswagen intros low-cost, back-to-basics Beetle Classic for 2015

VW's new Beetle is an interesting vehicle...a modern interpretation of a classic car with decent performance and efficiency with a retro flair. For 2015, Volkswagen is making the purchase of a new Beetle just a bit easier with a car that doesn't mean

Or this one from uautoknow.net - GenNews

Toyota takes vehicle sharing to new levels in Grenoble with the iRoad and the COMS EVs - w/video

Toyota makes some very interesting vehicles that have been developed for very specific uses. Two such vehicles are the three-wheel iRoad and the four-wheel COMS EVs. While the two EVs could be licensed almost anywhere (as motorcycles or low-speed vehicles), Toyota has joined in an alliance with the City of Grenoble, France and French electricity company EDF and its affiliate Sodetrel, and Cité lib, the local car-sharing operator. Thirty-five three-wheel Toyota i-ROAD and