Infiniti Q60 concept previews upcoming production model - w/videos

Infiniti's Q60 Coupe (nee G35/37) is in need of an update and the concept you see here is reportedly 90% of the new production coupe. And what an update it is. The G35/37 has been a very popular model for Infiniti and if these looks make it to production, they've got another winner on their hands. The sleek flanks look muscular and aerodynamic (check out the side pic after the jump) and the front fascia incorporates the latest interpretation of the Infiniiti corporate grille. The tail and rear fascia again look sleek and kinda menacing which is good stuff for a sport coupe. “This I can tell you is about 90 percent,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director. “Many of the things – the front view, the very strong shoulder, the sculpted artistry of the body – this is very close to the production.” Infiniti's new twin-turbo, direct-injection 3.0-liter V6 will reside under the hood and provide the necessary go force. Even the interior looks ready to go although different seats might be needed for base model Q60 coupes. Expect the new Q60 within the next two years and expect all the good stuff (technology, safety equipment, etc.) to be available at introduction. Let's hope Infiniti holds prices close to current levels. Can't wait. More to come... For more information, check out the press releases, pics, and four videos after the jump.

Source: Infiniti - Press releases, pics, and videos (4) after the "read more" jump.

Press Release:
Infiniti reveals Q60 Concept in Detroit

  • Company's new take on a captivating two-door sports coupe
  • Precursor to an exhilarating premium 2+2 to be launched next year
  • Infiniti's concept-to-production plans grow further
Infiniti revealed its Q60 Concept, the precursor to a premium sports coupe that will go into production in 2016. The exhilarating concept was unveiled during Infiniti's press conference at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit this morning.

Showing a sweeping, angular exterior that underlines its power and performance intentions, the two-door coupe in concept form hints at the captivating dynamics that await premium customers.

Q60 Concept was introduced by Roland Krüger, President of Infiniti Motor Company, Ltd., in his first appearance representing the company on an auto show stage.

"One look and it is clear: Q60 Concept is a strong statement from Infiniti designers that the exhilaration is real," saidKrüger. "Design is a key driver for developing a strong brand. Q60 Concept is another building block in Infiniti's quest to refresh its portfolio with a strong and consistent design language. And in 2016, we will launch a new model heavily inspired by the Q60 Concept."

Infiniti has indicated the expansion of its portfolio into smaller premium vehicles such as the upcoming production Q30, while also showing a tantalizing vision for a full-size sedan in the form of the Q80 Inspiration concept in Paris last October. The striking Q60 Concept signals Infiniti's plans to bolster offerings in the middle of the product lineup.

On the outside, the Q60 Concept boasts a road-hugging stance etched out by sharp character creases and deep recesses in the body side. The hallmark Infiniti headlamp gives the coupe a high-tech stare, with fine fiber optics like the lines of the iris radiating from the pupil.

Inside, the high-quality finishes are seen and felt in the smallest detail, from the handcrafted leather-wrapped instrument panel and steering wheel to the premium leather and quilted stitching of the seats.

Living up to its sports car image, the Q60 Concept showcases superior power from the next-generation 3.0-liter V6 engine with direct injection and twin-turbocharging – part of a new family of lighter, smaller, more efficient and more powerful engines.

With its striking design, sure sense of performance, and painstaking finish to the last detail, the Q60 Concept paves the way for Infiniti's premium sports coupe to come.

About Infiniti
Infiniti Motor Company Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong with sales operations in over 50 countries. The Infiniti brand was launched in 1989. Its range of premium automobiles is currently built in manufacturing facilities in Japan, the United States and China. Production in the UK will start in 2015, bringing with it significant expansion of the brand's portfolio. Infiniti plans to also expand manufacturing into Mexico by 2017.

As the Title Partner and Vehicle Performance Partner of Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Infiniti has a far-reaching technical collaboration with the four-time FIA Formula One World Championship winning Team.

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Press Release 2:
VIDEO REPORT: Sporting 2+2 Infiniti Concept foreshadows third-generation coupe due in 2016

Yesterday saw the arrival of a stunning new sports coupe concept from Infiniti on the eve of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the two-door Q60 Concept.

“This I can tell you is about 90 percent,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director. “Many of the things – the front view, the very strong shoulder, the sculpted artistry of the body – this is very close to the production.”

Infiniti continues to broaden its lineup to cover the spectrum from smaller premium vehicles, namely the Q30, to full-size cars such as the Q70L.

The Q60 Concept reflects Infiniti’s intention to strengthen its offerings in the mid-size segment. Come next year, Infiniti will produce a sports coupe with influences from the Q60 Concept.

“A car like this needs to look like you want to drive it and will respond to you. So, the rearview: We intentionally tapered all of the forms toward the middle to 20 feet behind the car. And then the rear fenders stick out like a cat’s rear legs, so really a sense that it is going to pounce,” said Albaisa. “We want to celebrate the person who drives it. They are very ambitious. They want to constantly improve. So, also we want the Infiniti to be a better you. Just simply, this kind of car looks rare – looks designed for you. It is a better you.”

This is a sports car with a powerful road presence designed to fuse with top-notch performance.

“There is a little bit of naughtiness, a little bit of, I would not say evil, but nefariousness in this car,” said Michael Bartsch, vice president, Infiniti Americas. “We are going to have some high-performance engines in this car. And you just need to look inside it and you know that this is being designed for a driver.”

In North America, sales for Infiniti are growing. The brand has made particular strides in Canada and Mexico.

“Every manufacturer – all of the great brands – have a legacy vehicle. This is our legacy car. The car you see over my shoulder here, the new Q60, is the continuation of that legacy,” said Bartsch. “And, it is really important because it is going to be a brand halo and going to make a really strong statement about what Infiniti is, and where Infiniti is going to go in the future.”

Press Release 3:
Infiniti Q60 Concept: Fusing exhilaration and power
  • Infiniti's precursor to a high-performance sports coupe
  • Unique proposition of striking styling and high-output powertrain in a premium package
  • Previews new family of powerful and efficient engines
Infiniti has set out to captivate the imagination and exhilaration of sports coupe fans with the stunning Q60 Concept. Premiered at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, the two-door concept hints at Infiniti's next sports coupe.

The show-stopping Q60 Concept is an original and bold reinterpretation of an elegant lifestyle 2+2 coupe. Its unique combination of eye-catching contours, heart-pumping power and high-quality premium finishes gives premium customers a fresh and expressive style icon to which they can aspire.

"The Q60 Concept is Infiniti's most emotional and accessible concept so far," said Francois Bancon, Infiniti Vice President, Product Strategy.

"This concept goes beyond a flight-of-fancy design exercise; it is the next proof point in Infiniti's concept-to-production approach. Come next year, Infiniti will produce a sports coupe with influences from the Q60 Concept."

The two-door fastback is concept vehicle for which Infiniti has a firm and clear intent for production. Similarly, the Q30 Concept, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show about 15 months ago, is also planned to go into production this year. The breathtaking Q80 Inspiration was premiered at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Infiniti continues to broaden its lineup to cover the spectrum from smaller premium vehicles, namely the Q30, to full-size cars such as the Q70L. The seductive Q60 Concept reflects Infiniti's intention to strengthen its offerings in the mid-size segment and to cement its credentials as a premium brand driven by performance.

Progressive design, inside and out
Infiniti designers set out to create a sports car with a powerful road presence to match its top-notch performance. And the result is immediately obvious from the precise lines, sharp edges, striking dips in the body sides – all of which come together to give the Q60 Concept a formidable stance on the road.

Hunkering down at 4690 mm (184.6 inches) long, 1865 mm (73.4 inches) wide and 1370 mm (53.9 inches) high, the two-door concept is as sporty in motion as it is at rest, with coupe-style exterior lines that stoke desire and aspiration.

The character lines running the length of the car from the double arch grille to the aerodynamic tail spoiler gives the vehicle its assertive look from front to rear. On the sides, the shoulder dips in with such a striking depth that it amplifies the visual excitement of the cabin.

The designers also emphasized the wheels to give the Q60 Concept an athletic profile. Donning arresting spokes in matte blacks and high-gloss black chromes, the deep 21-inch wheels fill up the wheel arches and give the concept its domineering stance.

The same refinement on the outside extends into the smallest detail on the inside, evoking a premium atmosphere with three-dimensional textures and meticulous craftsmanship.

Stitched by hand, the leather-wrapped instrument panel, steering wheel and door inserts all bear testament to bespoke finesse. Carbon fiber in the door accents also echoes the performance of the car. High-quality driver-oriented controls intuitively build driver confidence.

The seats have also been designed to complement the car's character. An array of leathers was used to bring out the best comfort, from premium saddle leather to thick cushion quilting. Even oft-ignored rear passengers get stylish bucket seats, adding to the premium environment in the car.

Audacious performance
The Q60 Concept is expected to deliver exceptional performance befitting a true-blue sports car from the next-generation 3.0-liter V6 engine with direct injection and twin-turbocharging.

This all-new engine was first previewed in the Q80 Inspiration during the Paris Motor Show and will be part of a new family of lighter, smaller, more efficient and more powerful engines.

Slated to be introduced within the next two years, this new line of engines significantly reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions while boosting power and torque for a more thrilling drive.

The Q60 Concept also showcases a host of ingenious technologies to not only enrich the driving experience but also provide an intuitive level of driving assistance where required. This is in line with Infiniti's philosophy that technology should enhance the driver, not restrict them.

For example, the enhanced Infiniti Direct Adaptive Steering™ system allows independent control of the car's tire angle and steering inputs, transmitting the driver's intentions to the wheels faster than a mechanical system.

This increases the direct driving performance feel by quickly and intelligently communicating road surface feedback to the driver. Developed after more than 10 years of research, the system was a world's first when it premiered on the Q50.

Apart from augmenting the driving experience, the Q60 Concept puts the spotlight back on the desires and needs of the driver and passengers through human-centric systems that provide a higher degree of available personalization.

This is made possible with the new Infiniti InTuition™ system, a fully customizable digital environment, which works with the vehicle's advanced Intelligent Keys to recognize the vehicle settings for up to four different drivers, including preferences for driving position, heating and cooling, audio, navigation, telematics.

"The Q60 Concept is Infiniti's vision for a sports coupe," said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director. "Design, performance and premium quality – these are what makes a sports coupe stand above the crowd. And these are what you'll find on the definitive Q60 Concept."