Lincoln releases latest product-update salvo with the all-new 2016 MKX mid-size crossover - w/videos

Ford is working to revitalize the Lincoln brand as GM has (almost?) with Cadillac. The new MKC compact luxury crossover has been Lincoln's first revitaliztion success and the all-new mid-size MKX borrows heavily from the MKC book. Two engines will be available, the standard 3.7-liter V6 (300+ hp) and the new 2.7-liter Ecoboost V6 (est. 330 hp) mated to a six-speed automatic with standard front-wheel drive or optional all-wheel drive. The MKX has been throughly upgraded with new luxury touches, like the optional premium Black Label limited-edition designer themes (see video after the jump), 360-degree cameras, Lincoln Drive control, available 22-way adjustable seats, Revel premium audio, and much, much more. If you get carried away with the order sheet, you'll be able to spec an MKX with all the luxury you could want but at luxury prices. The MKX is a clean design that should attract new customers, especially with the added luxury and design touches. The all-new 2016 Lincoln MKX will hit your local dealer this fall. Lincoln seems to be on a bit of a roll. For lots more info, check out the press release, factsheets, and three videos after the jump. Enjoy!

Source: Lincoln - Press release, factsheets, pics, and videos (3) after the "read more" jump.

Press Release:

  • All-new Lincoln MKX delivers an engaging and personalized drive experience. Available advanced 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost® V6, upgrades to body structure, chassis components help make this the most powerful, best-handling, quietest Lincoln MKX ever
  • Dramatic, sculptured form defines all-new Lincoln MKX; redesigned interior combines stunning execution with luxurious materials
  • Exclusive Revel® audio system – an automotive first – leads suite of new available features and technologies designed to enhance and personalize the luxury experience
The all-new Lincoln MKX, debuting at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, is designed to attract a wide range of customers in the United States and beyond by offering more technology, engine choices and personalization options.

Lincoln MKX offers the first high-end Revel® audio system in a vehicle, an available advanced 2.7-liter EcoBoost® engine and two all-new available Lincoln Black Label limited-edition designer themes.

“We are focused on delivering engaging and refined luxury vehicles with innovative and thoughtful technologies,” said Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln. “The all-new Lincoln MKX reflects that focus.”

The all-new Lincoln MKX goes on sale first in the United States this fall, followed by other markets including China, Canada, the Middle East, Mexico and South Korea.

The Lincoln MKX further strengthens Lincoln’s position in the global midsize premium utility segment, which represents 11 percent of the global automotive luxury market and is expected to grow to 12 percent by 2018.* It is the one of the largest luxury segments in the United States, representing about one-quarter of the retail luxury automotive market.

More power, greater agility
Leading the engine choices for the new Lincoln MKX is the available advanced 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged Ti-VCT EcoBoost V6. It is projected to deliver more than 330 horsepower and more than 370 lb.-ft. of torque, based on preliminary test data.

The standard engine is a 3.7-liter V6, projected to deliver 300 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque, based on preliminary test data.

Both engines are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with push-button shift and SelectShift®. Front-wheel drive is standard, with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive optional.

The addition of the integral link rear suspension, upgrades to the body structure and chassis components, make the new model the best-handling, best-riding and quietest Lincoln MKX ever.

Available Lincoln Drive Control, a suite of ride-enhancing technologies, optimizes performance and offers three distinct modes: Normal, Sport and Comfort.

The Lincoln MKX has standard electric power-assisted steering and is the first Lincoln to offer adaptive steering.

“The new 2.7-liter EcoBoost adds a new level of performance to the all-new Lincoln MKX,” said Chief Program Engineer Elaine Bannon. “The focus is on delivering a total personalized luxury experience for our client: performance, quiet ride, power and technologies that make life easier, all in an environment wrapped in rich materials.”

A host of helpful driver aids and technologies are available, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping system, blind spot information system, cross-traffic alert and a height-adjustable hands-free power liftgate.

360-degree camera, enhanced park assist
Several available technologies, starting with the 360-degree camera, a first for Lincoln in the MKX, help make all kinds of low-speed parking situations easier.

The available front camera deploys from behind the Lincoln Star badging between the two front grilles. The camera system also offers a 180-degree split view, which can be helpful in looking out in cross-traffic situations. The 360-degree view shows up to 7 feet all around the vehicle.

Lincoln MKX has an ultrasonic sensing system with 12 sensors enabling the full range of available parking-assist features: front rear side sensing, perpendicular and parallel parking assist and park out assist.

Key driver assist and safety innovations added
The all-new Lincoln MKX adds pre-collision assist, which may help avoid or lessen the severity some frontal crashes with another vehicle or pedestrian in certain situations and conditions. If the system detects another vehicle or pedestrian, the system will first provide a collision warning and then the system will automatically apply braking if the driver has not taken any corrective action.

Also new is the Auto Hold feature, which relieves the driver from having to press the brake pedal continuously to keep the vehicle stationary in traffic. Auto Hold releases the brakes when the accelerator pedal is pressed.

First for Lincoln, to enhance driver visibility, available LED headlamps include a feature that adapts when accelerating from 0 to 35 mph by adding width to the low-beam pattern through the use of additional LED reflector elements.

Elegance in motion
The exterior design is dramatic, with a modern, contemporary silhouette and well-balanced proportions. Available adaptable full-LED front headlamps are subtly executed as blades, rather than projectors, aligned with the horizontal orientation of the split-wing grille.

The interior design language creates an open yet cocoon-like environment that is as quiet as it is beautiful. The push-button gear shift creates a dramatic open suspension bridge that flows from the instrument panel to the center console, providing two tiers of open space.

Elevated personalized luxury experiences
New available 22-way adjustable front seats with active motion help reduce muscle fatigue in the upper legs and lower back through six adjustable air bladders in the cushion and five adjustable air bladders in the lower seat back.

Further adjustments can be made through the four-way power head restraint and the power thigh extender. The thigh bolster deflates to make exit easier and reinflates after entry to the previous setting.

Always-on, built-in connectivity is provided through an available embedded modem. Via a smartphone app that communicates with the vehicle, the available MyLincoln Mobile™ app gives owners the ability to start, lock, unlock and locate their vehicle, as well as schedule a remote start.**

Exclusive Revel sound system
Uncompromising acoustics and award-winning home theater audio quality comes to the Lincoln MKX through the available Revel audio system.

The Revel Ultima system is standard on Lincoln Black Label editions and available on Reserve models. It features 19 speakers with point source architecture, positioning the tweeter and midrange speakers close together for superior audio quality.

Further performance and refinement is provided by QuantumLogic® Surround Sound technology, which offers three listening modes – stereo, audience and on stage; patented Clari-Fi™ technology offering advanced, real-time music reconstruction for all compressed audio sources; and a 20-channel high-voltage hybrid amplifier for class-leading dynamics and optimized transparency.

A 13-speaker Revel system designed for the ultimate audio quality experience is available on the all-new Lincoln MKX Select and Reserve.

Two new Black Label themes
Lincoln Black Label will be available at launch with four designer themes – two of which are all-new. One is inspired by the fashion, lifestyle and art scene of 1920s Paris, while the excitement, passion and pageantry of high-stakes thoroughbred horse racing create the vision for the second new theme.

Modern Heritage and Indulgence also will be available on the new Lincoln MKX.

Upgraded Lincoln Experiences
When the driver with key fob is within approximately 9 feet, the lower LED daytime running lights gently brighten, while “welcome mat” is projected on the ground from the folded mirrors. Door handles are illuminated, too, tuned to the exterior color.

Interior sequential lighting begins at the footwell, then illuminates the cupholders, pass-through, instrument panel, front door handles, front map pockets and rear doors. The lighting goes off in reverse order.

*In the United States, the midsize premium utility segment represents 14 percent of luxury automotive market and is positioned to be stable at this rate through 2018 (growth will come from the small premium utility segment). In China the midsize premium segment represents 17 percent of the luxury vehicle market and expected to remain stable through 2018. Source of data: HIS.

**MyLincoln Mobile App is available through a free download. The embedded modem is included and available on Reserve Equipment Group. Services included for four years. Text and data rates apply to usage.

***Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use SYNC/MyLincoln Touch/other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones


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Exterior Factsheet:
A dramatic, sculpted exterior defines the all-new 2016 Lincoln MKX midsize utility. Power, agility and confidence are communicated through the lines, surface language and execution.

The bodyside’s crisp undercuts are inspired by a wing profile while the graphic of the split-wing grille also draws inspiration from aerodynamic shapes. The design execution of the 2016 Lincoln MKX evolves the brand design for utilities in a bolder, stronger direction.
The proud shoulders and horizontal beltline help define the muscular character.

Clean, seamless integration and premium execution of advanced technology is apparent front to back.
Demonstrating the theme of dramatic form and dynamic function, the available full-LED headlamps are subtly executed as blades, rather than projectors, aligned with the horizontal execution of the Lincoln signature split-wing grille.
Subtly executed in the grille area is the available front camera, which deploys from behind the Lincoln Star badging. This thoughtful approach helps offer the convenience of a 360-degree view for the driver while maintaining the location of the Lincoln Star badge on the front of the vehicle.

At the rear, this clean approach to design and functionality is mirrored in the integrated power dome, which houses radio and satellite antennas on the spoiler. This execution, which eliminates an antenna jutting out, creates a clean design.
The signature full-width taillamp employs a filter to help the lamp read as one piece, rather than disparate dots of light. Below, integrated exhaust bezels unify the lower area.

Interior Factsheet:
The interior design of the 2016 Lincoln MKX complements the exterior design by blending function with flowing forms to inspire a sense of luxurious adventure. The interior is both open and cocoonlike, stunning yet quiet.

The interior is sculpted with flowing, uninterrupted forms. The instrument panel curves gracefully into the console as occupants are surrounded by exquisite details. The flowing forms create visual harmony.
The architectural instrument panel is balanced with flowing shapes and stitch lines. The instrument panel and spacious pass-through console create the perfectly balanced harmonious tension.
New for Lincoln are the available Revel® audio systems. The Revel Ultima system features 19 speakers with point-source architecture, which positions the tweeter and midrange speakers close together for superior audio quality and accuracy.
The push-button gear shift enables true flow-through from the instrument panel to the center console. This execution creates a dramatic open suspension bridge that flows from the instrument panel to the center console, providing two tiers of open space.
Available wood is used in nontraditional places, such as the doors, steering wheel and console.

Dual-tier storage is added under the expansive, stitched center armrest.

An implied flow extends from the instrument panel to the doors. The overall effect creates visual width and a feeling of openness. Rich materials and exquisite detailing add to the experience.

Revel Listening Experience:
Revel® audio systems in Lincoln feature QuantumLogic Surround® (QLS). This next-generation surround-sound technology delivers an authentic, multidimensional surround-sound experience from any source.

QLS provides an immersive surround-sound experience without producing any artifacts or residual smearing effects experienced in most traditional surround-sound systems.

QLS technology offers three listening modes. Users can seamlessly transition between all three modes without interrupting their listening experience.
  • STEREO: Passengers feel as if they’re sitting in the sweet spot between a pair of Revel Ultima™ home loudspeakers. Timbre is reproduced naturally, resulting in an in-vehicle listening experience that is representative of the sound and imaging of a Revel home system.
  • AUDIENCE: Every passenger will enjoy the best seat in the concert hall. The boundaries of the vehicle seemingly disappear as the stage widens in all directions. Instruments heighten slightly while the vocals remain stable in front. The vehicle cabin seemingly adjusts in size based on the music for a warm and natural listening environment.
  • ONSTAGE: With 360-degree instrumentation, this is the world’s most intimate concert setting. Passengers feel as if they’re onstage with their favorite artists as instruments are intimately placed throughout the vehicle cabin, leaving no unnatural smearing effects.
  • Drivers who opt for Revel Ultima also will enjoy Clari-Fi, a patented HARMAN technology that works in real time to rebuild audio details lost in digitally compressed music.
  • Many of the audio details originally recorded in a track can be lost during the digital compression process. Clari-Fi intelligently and seamlessly reconstructs the compressed music for an enhanced listening experience, regardless of the source.
  • Clari-Fi automatically adjusts to every audio format, matching source quality with the precise level of audio reconstruction.
  • With Clari-Fi, music sounds clearer, crisper, wider and more dynamic.