Acura intros CDX compact crossover in China

Crossovers are big business around the globe and Acura has introduced its latest, the CDX, at the Beijing Motor Show. The compact (sub-compact?)  CDX is an attractive mini ute that is only for the Chinese market at the present time. The CDX looks ready to go, but it may not be US ready. For one thing, some recent small Acuras (and Hondas) for the US market have been underpowered and the CDX's 1.5-liter turbo motor (mated to a new eight-speed, dual-clutch automatic) might need more oomph. Engine ratings, vehicle weight, and other specs have not been released. But Acura can't avoid the compact and sub-compact crossover market in the US for very long. It took them a while to bring out the MDX and the RDX has been a decent seller as well, so the CDX should come here...soon. Unless this is an early look at the next RDX, the CDX seems to be smaller than the current RDX possibly sharing a platform with the Fit-based, sub-compact Honda HR-V. The CDX is a nice design that should do well in the US, if Acura sees fit to bring it here. If not this version, maybe when the model gets its next re-do, you know with the latest regs, etc. If you like what you see, let Acura know.

Source: Acura - Press release after the "read more" jump.

Press Release:
Acura Exhibits World Premiere of All-New Acura CDX Compact SUV at the 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016)

Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned Honda subsidiary in China, today exhibited the world premiere of the all-new Acura CDX compact SUV model at Auto China 2016*.

<The world premiere of Acura CDX, the first Acura model to be produced locally in China>
The all-new Acura CDX is a compact SUV model designed primarily for the Chinese market. This model realizes a high-level fusion of emotional and sharp styling design based on the Acura Precision Concept, a concept styling model of Acura, as well as innovative technologies in the areas of both driving and environmental performance and excellent utility unique to SUV models. For the first time among all Acura models sold in China, the all-new CDX adopts a 1.5-liter turbo engine and 8DCT which realizes a powerful driving experience.

The all-new Acura CDX will be produced at the ZengCheng Plant (located in Guangzhou City) of Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. and is scheduled to go on sale in July through Guangqi Honda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., a sales subsidiary of Guangqi Honda which was established in December of 2015.

Comments by Takahiro Hachigo, President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.:
“2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of Acura in China. In this milestone year, we will take new challenges for the Acura brand and products including the start of local production in China. With the “Acura Precision Concept” at the core representing the future direction of Acura design, we will evolve the Acura brand and accelerate the localization of Acura business so that we can continue delivering products that go beyond the expectations of our customers.”