VW expands the I.D. family with the I.D. Buzz - Update

Volkswagen is bound and determined to to remake the Microbus/van or Bulli (in Europe). There have been several concepts (1, 2) that recall the much loved Microbus and the I.D. Buzz EV concept is the latest and possibly the most likely to see production. The I.D. Buzz has two motors (one per axle) for all-wheel drive and the interior can be re-configured to suit your needs, even when the autonomous driving mode is used. Interesting note: You hit the VW logo on the steering wheel to have the wheel fold into the dash. The I.D. Buzz is the latest concept to use Volkswagen's Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform that was developed with electric vehicles in mind. Fingers crossed that we'll be seeing the I.D. Buzz on the highways and byways near you (and everyone else for that matter). More info to come...

Update: According to published reports, the concept's two motors combine for a total power equivalent of 369 hp with a driving range of 270 miles. An 80% recharge is possible in 30 minutes. Sounds like a winner to me. Now if VW would just get the I.D. Buzz into production...and the name...

Source: Volkswagen - Brief press release and pics after the "read more" jump.

Press Release:
Icon of a new era with electric drive: Volkswagen presents another model of the I.D. family in Detroit

  • Show car has two electric motors and all-wheel drive
  • Design icon features multi-functional, flexible interior
The era of electric mobility begins. At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS, 8 to 22 January) in Detroit, Volkswagen is presenting a new model of the I.D. family – a multi-functional vehicle of a new era. The concept vehicle forges links between the legendary origins of the Volkswagen brand and its electrifying future. Like the I.D., this concept is also based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB), and so it shows the potential and bandwidth of the MEB.

Since the presentation of the I.D. at the Paris International Motor Show in September of this year, these initials have stood primarily for a new generation of fully connected, all-electric vehicles from Volkswagen. The I.D. also stands for clarity in design language, pure form, honest character, authentic emotionality – and of course an ideal spatial concept as well as a quality in details that is typically Volkswagen.

This I.D. concept vehicle will also be able to drive fully autonomously in the future. A light press on the Volkswagen logo, and the electrically retractable steering wheel disappears into the cockpit. While the driver relaxes, laser scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors and cameras monitor other road users and the surroundings.

The I.D. concept vehicle in Detroit forges links between the legendary origins of the Volkswagen brand and its electrifying future. Its overall concept is revolutionary. It combines ample space for travel with a long electric driving range. A new feeling of freedom – with zero emissions. A new epoch of mobility.